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Derry Brabbs -Author photographer speaker - Dickie Bird's Britain
Title Dickie Bird's Britain
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton 2002
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Book Description:
Beautifully illustrated with photographs by Derry Brabbs.
With humour and affection Dickie Bird travels around Britain and details what he loves best about it. Some of those Dickie meets on his travels are celebrities who, like him, have reached the top of their professions - sports heroes such as Sir Steve Redgrave or media stars like Rory Bremner - but so many more are ordinary, but very special folk - Macmillan nurses, or the proprietor of his favourite Pennine transport cafe. Each encounter reminds him of some ripe anecdote from his 30 years behind the stumps. But everywhere he goes the nation's favourite umpire manages to bring out the best in the people he encounters, with his quirky curiosity and unerring ability to winkle out the genuine individualists and the passionately committed who make up the many faceted face of Britain in the 21st century.


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