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1) One Leg Short of a Tripod (Can also be non-illustrated)

A brilliant talk for which Derry has distilled his life in photography into an anecdotal masterpiece. It traces a career that has encompassed television, advertising, a never-ending war of attrition with the fickle British climate in pursuit of the perfect landscape photograph and is also laced with plenty of tips on photographic technique, composition and lighting..

2) James Herriot's Yorkshire

A tribute to the world's most famous vet accompanied by evocative photographs of the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors so lovingly portrayed in his many books and films.

3) In The Footprints of Wainwright and other Journeys

This stunningly illustrated talk not only features the best of Derry’s photography from his time spent working with the enigmatic Alfred Wainwright, but also the atmospheric landscapes and historical architecture of places significantly further afield.

4) Hadrian’s Wall & Roman Britain

Hadrian’s Wall was built across the width of England in AD122 to secure the Roman Empire’s northern frontier. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, Hadrian’s Wall traverses some of the region’s most dramatic and unspoilt countryside.

5) Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Scotland

The dramatic and hauntingly beautiful Highlands and Islands of Scotland will be forever associated with the myths and legends surrounding the Young Pretender’s failed attempt to unite the ancient Scottish Clans and seize the English throne in the 1745 Rebellion.

6) Pilgrimage to Santiago

Following the medieval pilgrim routes across France and northern Spain to the shrine of St James the Apostle at Santiago de Compostela. A journey encompassing dramatic landscapes, delightful towns and villages.

7) Spain beyond the Costas

Away from coastal concrete and congestion, the heart of Spain is a visual treasure trove. The ever changing panoramas are perfectly complemented by ancient walled cities, dramatically sited medieval castles and the enchanting windmills associated with the adventures of Don Quixote.

8) Specks in the Ocean

The volcanic archipelago of the Azores lies almost 1,000 miles from Europe and has been a safe haven for trans-Atlantic sailors since first colonised by the Portuguese in the 15th century. The lecture also features insights into the even more remote islands of Ascension and St Helena, the latter famous for having been Napoleon Bonaparte’s place of exile.

9) Old Father Thames– From Source to the Sea

A stunning visual journey down the river Thames. One of the world’s most famous rivers emerges as a trickle from a Gloucestershire field before gaining in confidence as a fully fledged river that meanders through Oxford and other historic towns, passes by royal castles, palaces and stately homes en route to the heart of London and journey’s end in the North Sea.

10) From Moats to Mansions

A lavishly illustrated talk on the fascinating history and development of English castles, moated manors and 18th century country houses (featuring the work of Thomas Chippendale, Robert Adam and Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown).

11) Historic English Cities

Superbly photographed architectural and historical portraits of some of England’s oldest towns and cities. The talk includes visits to such famous places as Durham, Lincoln, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath and Canterbury but also highlights some lesser-known regional market towns such as Ludlow, the Norman capital of the Welsh Marches.

12) Middle Eastern Magic

An atmospheric illustrated journey that encompasses the mystical Gulf Sate of Oman, the contrasting ancient and modern wonders of the Suez canal and the Pyramids of Memphis and Giza. The finale is a trip to the awesome remains of Petra, Jordan’s legendary rose coloured city.



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