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What to Bring?

Photographic Equipment
Although the workshops are intended to cater for most levels of ability, it is essential that photographers should be familiar with their camera gear, whether film or digital. (A brand new camera may look impressive but a windy hillside is not the place to be wondering which button does what!) To ensure that guests derive maximum benefit from the day’s photography, they should ideally have both wide-angle and telephoto lenses and a sturdy tripod. (A tripod not only reduces the risk of camera shake, but is also a vital aid to achieving perfect composition as hand held cameras can inadvertently move and omit vital elements of a picture).

Because I shoot exclusively on slide film (doesn’t mean you have to!) and without any subsequent digital enhancement, producing a perfect transparency through correct exposure and appropriate filtration is a demanding discipline. When large areas of sky are involved in a picture, I find that either polarising or graduated filters (grey/neutral density etc) are of paramount importance and I recommend their inclusion in your camera bag if at all possible.

Mileage, Footwear and Clothing
The workshops will obviously vary in the amount of walking required and so please read the details of each programme carefully to make sure that you can cope with the distances and terrain involved. I am mindful of the fact that some people are perhaps less mobile than others and so have included days where walking is kept to a minimum and they are clearly indicated as such. Stout walking shoes or boots are essential for both comfort and safety and a waterproof jacket or anorak and spare warm clothing are also recommended. Conditions up in the hills can change rapidly during the course of a day and although my workshops have been deliberately scheduled for when the light and weather are likely to be at their most benign, the northern climate can nevertheless be frustratingly fickle. One should not only prudently prepare for adverse weather, but also make sure to bring a high factor sun cream to prevent burning when out walking for extended periods. (to check the likely  weather conditions, try web sites such as